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2018 Flood Report

The Monsoon season stormed into Sri Lanka with heavy downpours of rain, bringing with it an onset of floods that have swept through the country since 19 May, 2018. According to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre (DMC), around 175,000 have been affected and 26 reported deaths across 19 districts as of 12 June - Emerging Hope Lanka's empowered women were among those numbers. A total of Rs. 124.60 million has been allotted to immediate response and emergency relief assistance by the government and institutions such as the National Disaster Relief Service Centre (NDRSC) and the DMC. At the scene, the military has mobilized to help those in need.


While the crisis has been handled better than 2017’s monsoon disasters, the impact of this year’s disasters is still large in scope - 45,680 families were displaced, contaminated water sources deprived victims of drinking water, and numerous critical infrastructure and homes were damaged.


Recovery is a cumulative effort, and we, Emerging Hope Lanka, became a part of this effort when the women we are empowering and their families also suffered from the floods. Our mission is to empower and educate, and our recovery efforts aim to get these women back on their feet by helping them endure the present struggle.


Support mainly went to those affected in Kelaniya, providing provisions to 25 families that would last a week. The aid-pack includes 5kg of rice, 3 packets of Mortein mosquito coils, 1kg of lentil, 1kg of sugar, 4 liters of Pynole floor cleaning detergent, 500g of loose tea, and toothpaste. With more funds available than expected, Emerging Hope managed to extend their touch to Ja Ela, supporting 35 more families for a total of 60 families.


All of our efforts couldn't have come to fruition if not for our generous donors. Beginning with a fundraiser, $1998 was ultimately raised in a show of generosity. For their choice to take a stand and support many Sri Lankan families, we would like to sincerely thank our gracious donors.






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